February 1st, 2007

Because it's there

Speaking of why we write, my daughter (who is a huge Tom Waits fan) showed me this clip the other night. The song is a Waits’ song played by a German musician and set to an animated clip from I don’t know who.


 It has cool look and feel, but the creative angst seems over the top. But when I told my daughter I couldn’t quite relate to such despair, she said, “Don’t you know that feeling of having something beautiful in your mind and you just can’t get it on the page?”

 I know that feeling well, actually. My frustration always lies in that gap between the story in my head and what comes out of my fingers.

 But back to the clip, even so, if it’s THAT painful. If the gap is that huge—sheesh, take a walk. Eat a corn dog. Go watch “The Office.” Most of us, no matter how good, aren’t Shakespeare. It’s a rare few where it will matter a hundred years from now. Oh, I want success. But even more than that I want to be good. That's the fun of it. That's the challenge.

I'm glad, glad, glad to be published. I'm even happier to have something in my life that has held my attention my whole life long.