January 20th, 2007

ALA: Billions of books

I’m ala’ing here in Seattle, my hometown. Hundreds of books, thousands of books, millions and billions and trillions of books. I don’t see how librarians could hope to focus on actually buying books. Fortunately, I didn’t have to figure out anything. It was heaven to simply wander.

 I’m probably way out of it, but the coolest thing was a card they give you when you register. All you have to do is swipe it in the machines at the various publishers and vendors and it records your address and the information you want sent to you. Much easier than lugging around giant catalogs. Even though they were supposedly forbidden, some naughty librarians had sneaked in rolling carriers.

 As a writer, it was rather disconcerting to see the booths stacked with this season’s crop of books and then hundred-page catalogs listing the Spring 2007 releases. Waaah. My baby isn’t even walking and already they’re talking about the new kid!