January 18th, 2007

Books, librarians, authors... oh my!

The eyes of children’s literature are all starting to focus on Seattle. The American Library Association meets here for their annual mid-winter conference. But the main, big thing will be the announcement of THE Newbery and Caldecott on Monday morning.

 I’m going on both Saturday and Sunday to the convention floor, which is packed with publishers, librarians, other authors and books… heaven!

 And even better is that SCBWI is sponsoring a booth at ALA for the first time. The booth is for local SCBWI authors to showcase their books. Only a few authors can participate given the limited hours and limited booth space. But I’m one of ‘em! I’ll be there from 1:00 to 3:00 on Sunday.

 According to our amazing SCBWI co-regional advisers Sara Easterly and Joli Stekly who were major movers in getting SCBWI’s buy-in and in designing the booth, SCBWI is thinking of sponsoring a booth at future ALA meetings. So keep your eyes open for the two big annual ALA conferences. If they’re near you, get a bid in early through your local SCBWI.